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PLANISO® is a full Web application that has been specifically developed to ensure a realtime control of various, internally recognised management systems (ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001). It is currently available in French and English, and, eventually, other languages will be added. The idea of PLANISO® was born in 2009 and it is our sister company Objectif...Qualité, with nearly 25 years of ISO standardization experience, who has operated its development. Since the beginning, the application was already up-to-date to the latest technological trends. This tool has the necessary flexibility for the efficient implementation of the great majority of the recordable management systems.

Its use is simple and doesn’t require any installation to your current computer network. We have an efficient, human online service for the users, in addition to a fulltime programers team, dedicated to this project. Features and normative updates are made by PLANISO®, with no intervention from your side. Its efficiency and flexibility make its cost highly competitive that is still unmatched in the marketplace.

To achieve this goal, we have needed to conceptualize a mechanism that efficiently sustains necessary follow-ups, ensuring that everything that we find in PLANISO® is controlled by automatisms. The management of quality, environment and health and safety is hence facilitated. Computer security is a major concern of our development team. Every programmer is aware of our commitments toward requirements of ISO-27001.


PLANISO® covers the integrality of the requirements of the main recordable management systems. The organization can at will completely eliminate paper from tis document outputs, reducing its environmental footprint. PLANISO® allows to instantly disclose information between individuals, societies and groupings that are linked to your business 24 hours a day. Thus, it allows users from everwhere in the World to write, review and/or edit any element from your management system. This way, normative, legal and contractual requirements, essential to the success of your QMS or of any other management system, are available for attesting your compliance.

PLANISO® is very much appreciated by accredited ISO registration bodies. It is a high-performance product which collects all the information required to the demonstration of the control of your management system. This documented information are all fundamental for internal and external audit sessions.

Document management is provided by a single distribution channel and thus consolidated it facilitates access to all users. The same applies to each of the elements to be demonstrated as documented information. PLANISO® allows your organization to ensure ownership and accountability of all stakeholders to all normative requirements by all staff.

The motto of our team, our product must stay « Standard in the market ».

The future is truly online!