Terms of use



These Terms and Conditions govern your access to, and use of, the Web application PLANISO®, and, therefore, to any information, text, image, picture or other element, posted, downloaded, uploaded or appearing on the services. The Terms and Conditions must be accepted by any User, and his access to the application constitutes acceptance of these conditions.

General terms

You are responsible for your Service and any content use you post to the Services, and all consequences that entails. The content you submit, post, or display will be considered confidential.


Services can’t be used unless the user form a contract with PLANISO®. Services can be used in accordance with the terms and conditions and in accordance with the laws and locals, nationals, federals, and internationals regulations.

The PLANISO® provided services are constantly changing and therefore the PLANISO® provided services form and nature are subject to occasional change . PLANISO® reserves the right to discontinue (temporarily or permanently) services (or secondary functions and services) and with notice. PLANISO® also reserves the right to impose limits on use and storage. Data belonging to their customers will be directed by appropriate ways.