Frequently asked questions

What is a management system?

A management system is the set of guidelines for the taking into account and the implementation of a quality policy, needed to control and improve the various processes of an organization.

What is the added value PLANISO®?

PLANISO® is controlled by using scheduled automations that facilitate the management of quality, environmental and health and safety policies of an organization. The user can totally eliminate any paper documentation, thus reducing its environmental footprint, if wanted.

Being entirely Web developed, available 24-hours a day on the Internet, PLANISO® allows users from all around the world to write, review and edit the information in relation to their management system. PLANISO® helps managers to better organize and lead their organization.

What kind of organization can use PLANISO®?

Any organization that wishes to improve the management of its business and develop an efficient management system can join PLANISO®.

How does PLANISO® subscription work?

Subscription to PLANISO® is annual.

What can you achieve with PLANISO®?

PLANISO® defines and organizes management processes in a way to maximize results and communication. It can also help to quickly and efficiently put in place any standard management system for quality, environment, documents, health and safety.

What disk space is allocated to each PLANISO® customer?

PLANISO® allows to easily process large volumes of information. A disk space of 10 GB or more is available for all your needs of online data hosting.