Frequently Asked Questions


PLANISO® is a Web application that has been specifically developed to ensure the real-time management of various internationally recognized management systems (ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001). This tool is able to offer the flexibility needed to effectively implement to all systems.

What’s management system

A management system is the whole of consideration instructions and implement of policy and quality objectives required to the control and the improvement of the various processes of an organization that generates continuous improvement of their results and performances.

What’s the value of PLANISO®

PLANISO® is controlled through automatisms to facilitate the quality, environment and health / safety management. The user can at will completely remove all output paper documentary thereby reducing its environmental footprint.

As available twenty-four hours on twenty-four so it allows users around the world to writ, view and/or edit every aspect of the organization’s subject to a requirement normative, legal and/or contractual essential to the functioning to ISO standards and/or other management system.

How do I know if an organization is qualified to join PLANISO®

Certification is a voluntary act. Any organization wishing to improve the management of its organization and establish a system of effective management can join PLANISO®.

Am I obligated to pay a subscription to PLANISO®

Yes. The subscription to PLANISO® comprises customized packages adapted to all your needs according to the type of management of your organization.

What are the conditions for a Planiso® account

There is no condition. An organization wishing to improve the management of its organization may at any time register for PLANISO®. Just simply register online.

What differentiates PLANISO® to other sites

PLANISO® is a unique Web application in the world. It gives you full control over the ongoing actions within your organization, allowing to quickly treat your files.

How does the system PLANISO® work

PLANISO® is a Web application that handles the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management in your organization. This Web application helps managers to better organize and manage their organization.

The system structures and guides management processes to maximize results and communications. It also allows you to set quickly and efficiently any quality, environment, health-safe and document management normative system.

What is the disk space allocated to each PLANISO® customer

PLANISO® allows to easily treat significant information volumes. 5GB or more disk space is available for all your accommodation needs of online data.

What is the package duration

The package duration is a one-year term, and it is renewable at the end of each contract.

What is Objectif…Qualité

OBJECTIF...QUALITÉ is a Organization offering its expertise and services to organizations wishing to engage and most importantly, to succeed an implementation process for an assurance system and quality management, complying with recognized internationally standards (ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001).


PLANISO® NOW IN ENGLISH! as of 2013-04-05.

ISO-14001 PACKAGE NOW AVAILABLE! as of 2012-12-09.

PLANISO® IN THE NEWSPAPERS! as of 2012-10-01.

Bi-standard and tri-standard packages soon! as of 2012-03-22.

PLANISO® - NOW ONLINE! as of 2012-01-16.