Evaluate your staff, your processes, projects, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors by means of customizable forms.


Follow-up your non-conformances, requests, objectives and projects with email reminders to ensure completions.


Be sure your processes are reflective of activities in your organization in order to bring the desired results.

Risk analysis

Make sure you identify and control financial, environmental, health and security risks, in compliance with your business practices.

Training and skills

Keep the skills of your staff up to date. Ease and maintain skill acquisition by creating online your own training sessions.

Maintenance of equipment

Carry out maintenance of your equipment on a particular frequency, according to a time period or based on meter readings.

Laws, regulations and requirements

Make sure you comply with the legal requirements to which you are subject. Receive an email notification on change to relevant laws and regulations.

Relationship portal

Share selected information and interact with your customers, suppliers or sub-contractors in a safe manner.