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Whether for the implementation of tools, standards and systems integration management, team PLANISO® can help you build effective management systems in quality management (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001 ) or OHSAS 18001 at the forefront of best business practices.

In addition, we offer consulting, coaching and training to meet your needs in quality, environment and health and safety. Visit our directory now packages to create your custom package online.
NORMATIVE ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
[+][-]Monitoring of non-conformities Yes Yes Yes
The registering organization in a process management system must ensure follow-up of non-conformities.

The non-conformities module allow to the root cause analysis, to monitor the direct and indirect costs, assess performance and analyze trends by department, process, product, etc..

PLANISO® is available anytime, it allow users to make quick follow-up files thus avoiding unnecessary delays.
[+][-]Monitoring of corrective, preventive and improvement action requests Yes Yes Yes
As part of an approach based on continuous improvement, it is essential for the organization to pick up action requests, whether corrective, preventive or improvement. PLANISO® allows you to implement actions and action plans, and monitor them efficiently.
[+][-]Planning objectives Yes Yes Yes
During objectives planning, the management of any organization must ensure that they are necessary for desired improvements by its members. They should be established at appropriate levels and functions within the organization. They must be measurable, demonstrable and consistent.

PLANISO® allows planning objectives and targets, implement action plans and monitoring.
[+][-]Internal audits management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® will help you plan your internal audits, respect the planification, as well as provide the proof that the internal audits has been performed.
[+][-]Management revues management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® will help you plan your management revues, respect the planification, as well as provide the proof that the management revues has been performed.
[+][-]Environmental aspects management Yes Yes Yes
Environmental aspects identification is a crucial element of an environmental management system base foundation. PLANISO® provides a framework for the characterization of environmental impacts and helps to identify areas that have a significant impact on the environment.
[+][-]Trainings and skills monitoring Yes Yes Yes
The organization shall ensure that his staff is competent according to a basic training or acquired knowledge. Evaluations in this sense should be performed regularly.

The efficacy of the training provided must be analyzed to account for investments or losses related to costs.
[+][-]Monitoring preventive maintenance and repairs Yes Yes Yes
A Organization must plan and implement processes related to preventive and predictive maintenance to ensure performance and functionality related to production operations. To do this, effective planning and functional is available for PLANISO® users.
[+][-]Calibration monitoring of supervision and measurement equipments. Yes Yes Yes
By using the PLANISO® Web application, you can create new equipments files, enter calibration datas, and effectively execute the follow of the equipments calibration deadline.
[+][-]Supplier evaluation Yes No No
PLANISO® allow you to evaluate the performance of each of your suppliers, their evolution, and to share their informations to all users.
[+][-]Customers satisfaction tracking Yes No No
Set-up and maintenance of a system of quality management impose the measurement of customer satisfaction making sure those requirements are determined and respected, their satisfaction measure is crucial.

PLANISO® allows sending online survey to one or more contacts, and to track them.
[+][-]Identification and tracking of legal requirements and other requirements No Yes Yes
PLANISO® is the tool that will allow you to keep your legal requirements list and other requirements relating to your management system and track it in a wink.
[+][-]MSDS management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® helps maintain records and expiry dates of MSDS related to your management system.
SYSTEM ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
[+][-]Dashboard displays a summary of your PLANISO® Yes Yes Yes
The dashboard allows you to view in a wink the evolution of the organization system key elements.

Even within this dashboard, you will find a compiled progression of objectives, upcoming events, recents reports registered in the system and the organization’s news. It provide a unique gateway that simplifies performance indicators consultation, and present in a same interface all ongoing activities.
[+][-]Planner to organize management reviews, internal audits, and track action plans Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® system is designed to maximize the organization’s productivity by automating planning management system and facilitating the taking of data throughout the processes of management and business. For this purpose, a scheduler (calendar) will help you keep your organization in real time.
[+][-]Reports collating elements information Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® incorporates a “Reports” section where you will find statistics, objectives to be achieved, non-conformity reports, actions requests,etc.

PLANISO® allows users to write, view and/or modify every organization’s aspect subject to a normative requirement, legal and/or crucial contractual to the ISO working and/or other management system.
[+][-]Documents provide to classify de documentation. Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® also includes a “Documents” section where each user can at will implement and quickly update theirs organization documents.

In addition, this approach will completely remove all output paper documentary thereby reducing its environemental footprint.
[+][-]Sending reports to users Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® availed any corporate documentation and the flow of information through reports to various network users.

You can access these articles through the dashboard or perform a targeted search for direct access to archived news.
[+][-]Management of related informations to the organization Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® lets you to manage relative informations about your organization.
[+][-]Departments management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® grants not only manage your organization but also to incorporate various departments.
[+][-]Display your logo Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® offer a specific location that allows you to display your organization’s logo and distinguishing you by your respective colors.
[+][-]Users management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® is a tool that allows to manage user information using simple and effective options.
[+][-]Privileges management Yes Yes Yes
PLANISO® is a accessible database management system that allows to treat simply and safely the users privileges.


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