• It has been 6 months since we have entrusted PLANISO® for the control of our quality management system. Concerned by the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our organization, we are very pleased with the performance of this system.
    Daily reports, as well as reminders allow an effective control. User-friendly and at an affordable price, the application starts with a dashboard on the homepage, which allows a simple glance to get an overview of the state of our elements. PLANISO® is regularly updated and allow us everyday to discover new features which offer multiple benefits. For example, we can keep a track on our training and document this monitoring.
    Furthermore, the dynamic and approachful staff are attentive to our needs and we have been able to rely on the efficient support of “Objectif Qualité” team during our migration to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.
    We recommend the use of the PLANISO® Web application.

    Richard Pelletier, Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ)
  • A revolution! PLANISO has helped us to achieve certification in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, simply and efficiently. Easy to use, we were able to eliminate 75% of our ISO documentation, staying efficient in a completely integrated system.

    Edgard-Frédéric  CAILLIER, PMP, BBLSS
    Manager to HSEQ and Continuous Improvement
    Aluminium – Fives Services Inc.
  • To us, PLANISO® is the tool that helped us upgrade the level of quality of our enterprise, from the production to the management. It contributed to the capitalization of the entire enterprise’s profitability.

    Normand Boyce, Operational Excellence Director
    Industriel AMI Group
  • The PLANISO® platform is very convivial and easy to use! Since we use it, our organization’s quality system is much simpler to manage! The software has multiple tools, and the technicians of PLANISO® are available to answer our questions if we have some. Also, the web-based solution is malleable so if we have custom needs, PLANISO® can adapt to our requests! I strongly recommend PLANISO®!

    Isabelle Boivin, B.A.A. Administrative director
    Alfred Boivin Group
  • We are pleased to inform you that our ISO9001-2015 management quality system has improved significantly since we are using your PLANISO® platform.

    PLANISO® is a facilitator at all levels:

    • Overall control of the quality management system
    • The automatic reminder of tasks to be completed
    • The management and evaluation of the costs of the non-conformances
    • The improvement requests are much easier to monitor
    • The Management System no longer relies only on the Quality Director or Manager. Everyone is now involved
    • Our welder qualitication system is muche easier to follow-up with PLANISO®
    • System reviews are systematically done if needed before the management review
    • We could list many more because PLANISO® only provides us ease.

    Note : PLANISO® platform is so much performant and cheap for the advantages it provides that I would pay myself for the costs in order to ease my job, in comparison to the former method.

    Roger Gagnon, Directeur Qualité Charl-Pol inc.
  • Since the implement of PLANISO®, we definitively are more in control of our operations. We could keep our ISO-9001:2015 accreditation and we received precious tips that greatly eased our rectification.

    François Proulx ing, Mechanics Director - Project Manager, Equipements Nordiques